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Hi there! I'm Heidi. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists throughout history, and I am no exception. I am particularly drawn to the way that light reflects and refracts through water, the organic shapes of stones and plants, and the vibrant colors of sunsets and skies. Using epoxy resin as my medium, I have found a way to capture the beauty and essence of nature in my art. By layering colors and textures and manipulating the resin with various techniques, I can create pieces that resemble the patterns and movements of water, the textures and colors of rocks and minerals, and the brilliant hues of a summer sunset. It's a way for me to connect with nature on a deeper level and share that connection with others through my art.

Shop online www.dragonflytreasuresresinart.ca

Join me in my UV Resin Workshops and let’s get your creative juices flowing as you work with dried flowers, botanicals, seashells and more to create your own Treasures.

Live in the Cold Lake, AB Area? Visit me for some In-Studio Shopping (Debit/Credit Card/Cash/e-transfer Accepted) We are located by the Grand Centre Golf Course Rural sign 41525 Twp Rd 624.

Contact me on my cell 780-207-5151 to shop or register for one of my Workshops.

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