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MYLZ Bison Blueberry Jerky

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Alberta Grass-fed Bison + Blueberry Jerky

We wanted to keep it simple, nutritious, and delicious using a nutrient-dense, lean and novel protein -- premium grass-fed bison that is full of B-vitamins, zinc, and selenium, plus blueberries for flavour and antioxidants, a combination that your dog will love!

We use an outside round roast, one of the leanest premium cuts of the Bison for our jerky so it's perfect for dogs who require a low-fat treat option.

Wheat-free. Junk-free. No fillers, additives, preservatives, or binders.

Locally made with love by our in-house chef.

This is a high-value treat that will keep your pup coming back for more!

For all breeds and sizes.

Small (30g)  Medium Bag (128g)

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