Botanical Mix No.1 - Plaster Cast Resin Art

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Cold Lake



This beautiful Plaster Cast was made with local Botanical Plants I picked to create the impression.

The life of flowers and plants is very short lived, the process of casting them is like capturing a moment in time, preserving them to be enjoyed long after they have faded away. The casting process gives them a beautiful sculptural quality & transforms the items into a work of art.

This tile was made by pressing the plants into clay. They were then removed & plaster poured over to create the cast. When the plaster is dry the clay is peeled away to reveal the raised impression.

Once the plaster was dry, I added touches of acrylic paint and "gold leaf" to add that extra sparkle.

The Clay Impression has been mounted with a background of Black Tinted Resin and a Clear Coat of Epoxy Resin has the Impression sealed to be enjoyed for years to come.

Tile Measures 10" L x 5" W
Wood Mount Measures 14" L x 7" W

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