Two Tier Mandala Serving Tray - Golds/Multi-Colour

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Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. The circle designs symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected, This gorgeous Mandala 2 Tiered Tray is perfect for a pop of color to any room. This is a perfect addition to display your cupcakes, macaroons, cookies and more. Great for jewelry display or for skincare.

Do you have a look in mind? Message me, let's work together.

✓Not dishwasher safe. To clean, simply wipe with soap and warm water.

Keep in mind that all resin designs vary due to pouring and curing style. All creations are uniquely different, but nonetheless beautiful.

Bottom Tray: 9" W
Top Tray: 6" W
Height: 11"

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