Orgonite - 4 Inch Pyramid with Wood Base

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Orgone Energy, discovered by Dr. Willhelm Reich in the 1930’s, is often called Prana, Chi or Life Force. It is the mixture of organic materials and metal that attract and allow natural energy to flow. The organics attract the natural energy and the metal creates the flow. It is known to neutralize EMF, 5G and other energies that are unseen to the human eye. In our house we use it on areas of the body experiencing discomfort for relief and extra energy to help with healing.

Orgonite is the name for the resin products that contain the organic and metal components. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and decorations. The main component to having the most effective orgonite is that there is at least a 50:50 ratio of resin to metal.

Enjoy your beautiful new Orgonite and let the energies shift for your best health!

Available sizes: 1.25" pocket/purse disc and phone disc c/w 3M double-sided tape disc, 2" pyramid, 4" coaster, and 4" pyramid.

Please indicate colour preference(s) in the note section below.

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