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Colombia - Don Alfonso's Passion

Beverages | Coffee & Tea





Region: Socorro, Santander, Colombia
Altitude: 1,580 meters
Grower: Maria Rangel and Luis Alfonso at Finca Los Mandarinos
Process: Handpicked, washed and sundried on patios
Variety: Colombia and Castillo
Tasting Notes: Chocolate & Caramel

Roasted to a medium level you enjoy a smooth and approachable medium bodied coffee. There is subtle chocolaty sweetness that compliments this bright and clean cup, and the taste profile changes subtly as it cools, so is an intriguing coffee right to the last drop.

Don Alfonso’s Passion is a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and Maria and Luis have been farming for more than 14 years. With every harvest, Luis does a personal selection of what he believes are the best cherries. He supervises the entire process, resulting in a unique and special selection of coffee that is brought directly to Canada. Both Maria and Luis are heavily involved in their community and head the local school assisting to find financing and school supplies with great success.

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