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Brazil - Castelhana Tudella

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Region: Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 950 meters
Grower: Diogo Tudela, Fazenda Castelhana
Process: Honey
Variety: Topazio
Tasting Notes: Sweet, Smooth & Velvety Body

Dockside Coffee is excited to offer you a honey processed coffee from the Tudela Castelhana estate. The farm has deep roots in Brazil with three generations actively working the farm in Monte Carmelo, Brazil. This Certified Organic and Rain Forest Alliance coffee is honey processed which means the coffee cherries are picked, sorted and pulped to remove the outer skin, but then left to dry without washing off the sticky sweet outer layer of the fruit. The honey processing leaves you with a sweet and balanced cup and is also great for the environment as they are able to use much less water at origin than traditional washed processing methods!

We’ve roasted this coffee to a beautiful medium roast accentuating its rich body and smooth sweetness.

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